Nature's Bounty
CoQ-10 200mg

Product features
  • Natural antioxidant 
  • Reduce wrinkles under eyes 
  • Strengthen cardiovascular systems and heart’s pumping function 
  • Prevent aging skin effectively
Suitable for...
  • Adults and elderlies 
  • People who have high blood pressure
Nutrition facts

Patented technology, Q-SORB

Using patented technology Q-SORB™, Nature’s Bounty Co Q-10 is easier to be absorbed by the small intestine.


CoQ-10 is an important lipid antioxidant in human body, effectively reduces the production of free radicals and protects cells from free radical damage by preventing oxidation of protein, lipid and DNA. It also fastens metabolism and slows down skin aging.  


Aging skin is caused by the production of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation on the skin, breaking down collagen in dermis which affects sebum secretion. 


CoQ-10 is an essential nutrition which aids the production of collagen in the skin. The rate of synthesis and amount of CoQ-10 decreases with increasing age. Supplement of CoQ-10 increases the production of collagen, nutralises the free radicals of skin caused by ultraviolet radiation.

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Brand description

Nature’s Bounty is one of the 52 nutrition factories that is recognised and commended by the National Nutritional Foods Association. It also obtained HACCP and GMP certificates. Every product of Nature’s Bounty is marked with the logo “LABORATORY TESTED”, meaning that all products underwent sampling tests which aim to ensure the nutritional content reaches the standard amount and satisfies the standard requirement of USP.