Immune Booster

Cura Box has launched an Immune Booster pack. It consists of 3 different nutritional supplements, including super B complex with folic acid and vitamin C, 30mg high-efficiency zinc, and 1000mg fish oil.
Immune Booster can help you activate and strengthen your immune system, promote immunoglobulin production and increase outer layer skin protection.
Simple and convenient, yet effective. Build your first line of defense with Cura box.

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Suitable For



Improve the immune system
Helps make white blood cells and helps cells repair
Help the small intestine to increase resistance

Product Information

Take one pack after first meal

Consist of three supplements with four pills

Cura Box. Your personalised supplement.

Every box of Cura Box contain all your monthly need, with your name and daily aspiration on each of the pack.

Supplements Information

Immune Booster are consists of three different supplements:

1. Vitamin B-Complex with Folic Acid Plus Vitamin C

2. Zinc 30mg

3. Odourless Fish Oil 1000

Cura Box is on a mission to guide you through your personal health journey

1. Take it everyday

With the provision of our monthly subscription plan,you will receive 30-day’s worth supplement packs every 28 days.

Each pack is printed with your names and quote of the day, containing the nutrition that you need every day.

2. Professional Pharmacy Team

Our professional team consists of registered pharmacists in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.
We help you to achieve your personal life goals by choosing you best ingredients.