Evening Primrose Oil

Prodcut features
  • Relieve Premenstrual syndromes
  • Contain rich natural omega-6 fatty acids
Suitable for...
  • Adults and children who have skin problems 
  • Females who have premenstrual syndromes 
Nutrition facts

Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil contains rich natural omega-6 fatty acids – GLA and LA. Since human body produces limited GLA and LA, omega-6 fatty acids should be obtained from diets. 


Researches reveal that people who have skin problems and females who have premenstrual syndromes have low levels of GLA in their body of which Evening Primrose Oil can improve this situation. 

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Brand description

Blackmores is founded in Queensland, Australia in1930s. While its founder pulled out all the stops to pursue his dream and dedicated to be an effective leader, Blackmores has become the pioneer in the field of natural remedy in Australia. Blackmores’s mission has been consistently the same since 1930 - to maintain people’s wellness with various approaches. Till now, the staffs of Blackmores continue to focus on maintaining people wellness.